Dear Students, parents, teachers and well wishers,

"Good habits can change your life." We all have heard this many times. Most of the time,life doesn't reward us for the things we do once in a while but only the things we do consistently. That might sound unfair, but it actually makes our lives easier because we can afford to make mistakes, learn the lessons and try again. Yes, dear students, superior habits can improve our lives; accelerate growth and help us become happier. Careful selection of these habits/routines can change everything and they have a massive impact on your busy lives because you are doing it yourself and for yourself. Many of these lifelong habits take only a few days to own them and they compound in your favour.

“It's not that we have too little time to do all the things we need to do, it's that we feel the need to do too many things in the time we have” says Gary Keller in his book The One Thing. Practicing some good habits can change the trajectory of one's life within a short span of time. In this busy world, one needs to redefine or restructure one's commitments and routines to infuse some important habits.

Dear young minds, to combat the pandemic for the past two years, we had to have online schooling. As a result many students got addicted to the screen. So, it would be beneficial for you to practice social media fast when the school is offline. Use your time judiciously for serious studies and inculcate a reading habit. Write down some good points because our brain is notorious for forgetting ideas.

Outer order leads to inner calm, for chaos reduces our ability to focus and has a negative impact on our brains. So, dear students, keep the physical spaces as clean as possible at all times. Cleaning routine at the end of the day helps tremendously. This is another important thing that you could pay attention to as you grow intellectually.

Dear parents and well wishers, all of us know that the most successful people are constantly learning. et us help our children to choose their knowledge sources carefully and be conscious about how and what they feed their brain with. Let us give them our time; listen to their stories and show them the right path through good examples.

May God's goodness and mercy be upon us at all times. Love what you have, accept what you receive, give what you can and be grateful for everything. May God bless you with peace, love, joy and protect you at all times.

Sr. Anjali George

St. Francis' Convent Inter College

Affiliated to CISCE

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